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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Hard to Buy for Dads

by Jessica Barnett August 23, 2020

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Hard to Buy for Dads

If every late August early September you find it near impossible to choose a present for your Dad, then have we found the Father’s Day gift ideas for you! We completely understand how challenging it is to buy a Father’s Day present for some Dads. Whether they’ve ‘already got everything’ or never share hints on what they would like, our list of ultimate Father’s Day gift ideas is certain to be a lifesaver for you!

But before we jump in and share it with you, we’d first like to touch on some key pointers on gift selection which we’re certain you’ll find helpful too.

Nailing Down the Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

“Give us the list,” we hear you shout! Never fear, it is coming, but we strongly believe there are some key points you need to consider before you read that list. They’re tips on how to select the perfect gift for Dad, and you can use them when checking out that soon to be delivered list.

  • check out his social media feeds – what posts does he engage with? Which groups does he belong to? Which businesses are targeting him with advertisements? Has he been interested in specific topics or types of products? These things can help point you in the right direction towards choosing him a present he’ll love.
  • notice what he watches on TV – is he a huge sports fan and you can’t get him away from the box when a match is on? Or does he have a specific series he just can’t miss? What ads does he comment on while watching TV? Or does he avoid the TV altogether?
  • browser history – take your super-sleuth skills to the next level and check out what websites he has been visiting recently. You may find that he favours websites with a specific theme, or even find those with active wish lists he has made.
  • book a date with dad – spend some time hanging out with your dad, chatting or doing an activity. Chances are he’ll let something slip which could give you some present ideas.
  • ask him about his dreams – what has he always wanted to do, but never been able to achieve? You never know, you may just find out he’s always wanted to skydive or take a cooking class!
  • investigate his room or ask someone else to – here you’ll be likely to find practical ideas based upon his undies with worn out elastic and socks with holes in the heel. But you may also see books by his favourite author, or if his bottle of cologne is running low too.

By now you should have a solid idea of the types of things your Dad likes and most likely needs. You can use these understandings to help you pick the perfect Father’s Day gift! However, you don’t need to look anywhere else for ideas, because we’ve listed the best options for you here.  

Spoil Me’s Ultimate List of Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Once you’ve got a rough idea of the types of things your Dad likes, wants and needs, it’s just a matter of hunting out the perfect gift, right? Well, that may have been the case before in previous years, but it’s not moving forward. Our gift experts have put together a collection of the best Father’s Day gift ideas in one place to make finding him the perfect gift easy-as. So, without further ado, here they are:

  • Father’s Day gift box – the ultimate present, and we’re not just saying that because we sell them! A Father’s Day gift box gives Dad not just the high quality gifts he deserves, but also a memorable gift experience. All our hand curated gift boxes contain products we’ve chosen ourselves and then presented beautifully ready for gifting. We believe in the importance of creating a positive first impression, as well as giving memorable and thoughtful gifts.
  • an experience he’ll never forget – this is where you bring your knowledge of his unfulfilled dreams into play. Organise that special event for him and make a day of it by arranging transport to and from, plus a meal or snacks.
  • personalised gift – a custom designed piece of clothing, a mug with a special phrase or a piece of personalised art are all options for a Father’s Day present.
  • functional presents - these are gifts that a dad will use, the most famous function Father’s Day gift ideas being socks and undies! We agree that they are certainly useful and likely needed to replace older versions. But they are not really ‘fun’ nor memorable. So, try to head towards the direction of other function gifts such as Lamborghinis or Teslas (just kidding – you can send those to us!).
  • themed gifts – your super-sleuth work to identify his favourite TV shoes, hobbies and web browser habits is about to come into play. You pick a theme you know he loves, and organise gifts around it. For instance, a Star Wars branded mug and coaster would work well, or for the chocolate fan, an entire gift box filled with enough chocolate to last the upcoming test matches!
  • a subscription box – why stop at simply one gift? A subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving! We would love to organise a subscription gift box so you can keep reminding your Dad just how much he means throughout the year. Get in touch with Jess our Creative Director, tell her a bit about your Dad and she’ll create a gift box just for him!
  • take him shopping – okay, so this is really going to depend on your father’s feelings towards shopping. But it will allow him to pick exactly what he wants. We also think it is more meaningful than giving him a gift voucher, because at least you get the opportunity to spend some time together.
  • food – they don’t just say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach for nothing! Take Dad out for a meal in his favourite restaurant, or cook him one at home. You could even organise a gift basket full of his favourite treats, including a bottle of bubbly or a few beers. In fact, we can customise a Father’s Day gift basket just for him – give Jess a call today and she’ll take care of everything. Or for a personal touch, why not use our Build a Box feature, where you can create the perfect customised gift box just for your Dad?!

We know that whatever you decide to give your Dad this Father’s Day, remember to take a moment to share a memory or feeling with him.

If you can’t be there in person, a phone call or gift card can help you share your loving messages. Finally, remember that Father’s Day in New Zealand occurs on the first Sunday in September, and to ensure your gift arrives in time, be sure to get your order in before our cut-off date.

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