4 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Give a Settlement Gift

by Jessica Barnett October 18, 2020

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Give a Settlement Gift

Upon completion of your clients’ property sale or purchase, giving them a settlement gift does more than say thank you. We look at the four key reasons why real estate agents should consider settlement gifts for their clients.

As a real estate agent, you’ll completely understand just how competitive your industry is. Relying upon the commission earnt from property sales isn’t easy, especially when there are plenty of new agencies opening throughout your area. You’ll also know that when someone purchases a property, there’s a high chance they’ll need to sell it and buy elsewhere in the future. How do you encourage them to work with you again?

Giving your clients a settlement gift upon the purchase or sale of their property says more than congratulations. It says that you acknowledge that the client had a choice in real estate agents and that you appreciate that they chose you. We’ve helped many real estate agents by providing them with gift baskets to give to their clients upon settlement (or sending them directly to their clients!). Yet these agents all had similar reasons as to why they were giving their clients a closing gift. We’ll share four of these with you next.


4 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Clients a Settlement Gift


Giving your clients a gift upon the settlement of their property makes good business sense. As well as celebrating their new beginnings, it is also an opportunity to ensure that your services are remembered. Here are four reasons why as a real estate agent, you should consider giving a settlement gift to your clients:

1. Encourage referrals – you’ve already left your clients with a positive impression, so it’s time to tip the scales even more. A housewarming gift basket is like the icing on the cake, providing your clients with an unexpected bonus they will enjoy and talk about to others. It’s easier to remember the name of someone who has done that little bit extra for you, which can lead to referrals for your services.

2. Show your appreciation – you truly are thankful that they chose to work with you. A gift basket is a welcome housewarming present that clients will be grateful to receive.

3. Building trust and loyalty – you may not have known your clients for a long time, especially in today’s fast-moving housing market. But by choosing a gift tailored to their tastes and lifestyle, you are showing them that to you, they were a real person and not just a client. Our range of housewarming gift baskets was created with this in mind, and therefore contain a wide selection of products for you to choose from.

4. Celebrate success – buying and selling a home are ranked as two of the most stressful life events we can have. Once a settlement has been reached, it’s time to celebrate the success you have all been a part of! A gift basket does this perfectly, especially as many contain a bottle of wine.

As well as choosing from our range of pre-designed gift baskets, we can also offer you a bespoke option. We can curate a gift basket containing your pick of products, up to a set value and even interweave your branding into it. Get in touch today and we’ll work with you to provide your clients with unique and meaningful settlement gifts.

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