How We Began  

Spoil Me has ambition for the future creating lasting memories with meaningful gifts, perfectly given. We wanted to create a new experience and offer a service like no other. We wanted to create truly meaningful gifts with quality products that our customers would love and their recipient would always remember.
"Our mission is to provide our customers with the tools to send beautiful & personal gifts, all achieved through a user friendly process."

What We Stand For 

We source the best products and the brands you love and haven't even heard of so you can create the most unique, special and most importantly, meaningful gifts. We create your special gifts with care right down to our hand tied bow. We guarantee our gifts will be modern, special and arrive perfectly given every time.

"SPOIL ME is about creating lasting memories with elevated and modern gifts that are truly meaningful."

Our Direction 

Spoil Me is constantly evolving to create lasting memories with elevated gifts. New brands, new products, new platforms. Jump on board to follow the journey.

Meet Jess our Creative Director

Jess is excited to take Spoil Me to new heights. With her 15 years experience in marketing, sales and customer satisfaction. She intends to lead Spoil Me in the right direction. Pushing the boundaries on ordinary gifts to make them elevated and unique. Her flair for design and attention to detail ensures quality to every meaningful gift we source and create. 



Shaun began working full-time with Jess in July 2020 and brings with him a strong background in business operations and development. Focusing initially on the daily operation of the business to ensure it performs well under an expanding workload, Shaun is also strategising to implement growth opportunities  with a strong operational foundation formed.


Together we are on a journey to change the way the world views gift giving and improve the gifting experience for both the sender and the recipient. Come with us and discover the perfect gifts today.




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