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From the bottom of the world comes a gin that's turned tradition upside down. Liquid behaves differently in the Southern Hemisphere, and Scapegrace Gin (new name for Rogue Society Gin) is no different. Simply put, it took three likeminded chaps, from the bottom of the world, to embrace this behaviour. They started a new conversation about gin, not by shouting, but by speaking discretely. A whisper in the ear here, a tactful chat there, putting those in the know, in the know, and then letting a superior product do the talking. What it started was an artisan revolution and a respect for gin craft, introducing a socially receptive market to the subtleties of a well-made gin. Perceptions have shifted, Mother’s ruin is no longer. 

The perfect combination of 12 botanicals, secretly combined. Classic juniper, in an instant. Subtle floral hints of lavender & orange blossom follow close by. Deeper earthy tones of cinnamon bark & nutmeg arrive next, but be prepared for a fresh burst of multiple citrus to linger longer. Big, fresh nose with pronounced aromatic intensity. A place where juniper, orange peel, and deep spice dominate. Vibrant in the mouth. Citrus and juniper enjoy prominence. Smooth but crisp on the palate. Long, and flavour filled finish.

Volume: 200ml ABV: 40%

Country: New Zealand


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