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Russell Spiced Rum 250ml

Our Spiced rum is going down a treat! We SOLD OUT of batch number 1 in record time, we've just bottled batch 2! Get in quick 

Signature serve 

50ml Russell Rum Spiced 
150ml Thai ginger 
1x Cinnamon Quill 
Dehydrated or fresh orange 

We spent the good part of 18 months searching for the perfect oak aged Caribbean rum. Many taste tests were conducted with friends and family before finally settling on our first cask. It was an exciting day when the rum had landed.

We then started tinkering spicing the rum with beautiful New Zealand botanicals, blending the rich history of the Caribbean with the adventurous spirit of New Zealand. Subtle caramel sweetness with a vanilla back bone allowed the beautiful spices to come through, highlighting local citrus, nutmeg and clove. 

The infusion became more refined and complex, we were happy with our results completed during lock down. Let the bottling begin!

Refined rum, spiced by rascals, inspired by Russell. 

“Our curiosity was aroused by the gleeful squeals and ripples of bawdy laughter emanating from the crowd"


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