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Top Tips on Choosing the Ultimate Personalised Gift

by Jessica Barnett February 05, 2020

Top Tips on Choosing the Ultimate Personalised Gift

Top Tips on Choosing the Ultimate Personalised Gift

There’s more to a personalised gift than a coffee cup with someone’s name on it. In fact, a personalised gift doesn’t even need to include any names; just purposely chosen items. As a gift-giver, it can be hard to pull together just the right present – until now. As bespoke gift basket curators, we spend a lot of time sourcing products we know will appeal to a range of people. It’s this experience which lets us say with confidence, we’ve got the best gift baskets in NZ! It also gives us the knowledge about choosing personalised gifts that we’re sharing with you today.

What Makes a Personalised Gift Special?

If you’ve ever received a present that seemed to fit who you are exactly, then it was probably a customised or personalised gift. The person who gave you the gift would most likely have:

  • Known or found out things about you – a gift-giver knows that for a gift to be enjoyed and appreciated, it needs to contain things that you would like. So, they would have spent a bit of time finding out about some of the key characteristics which make up who you are, such as your likes and dislikes, food preferences and hobbies.
  • Chosen useful items – if you’ve never played or plan on playing tennis, would being given a tennis racquet make you happy? No, of course not. But what about a bath bomb to help you relax over the weekend? Yes, especially if you had a bath! What we’re getting at, is that the gift-giver would have known that you would enjoy using the gift they gave you, and that is what makes it special.
  • Written a personal message – we’ve all received junk mail in the letterbox or spam via email. Does it make us feel special? Nope. How about a gift card with a special message just for you? Yes, absolutely a short yet personalised message with a gift can make all the difference – and we include one for free with each of our gift boxes!

Before you start present shopping, stop for a moment and put yourself in the present recipient's shoes. What types of gifts would they like? Are they adventurous or prefer routines? Do they like bright or muted colours? Do they drink alcohol socially, or do they prefer to visit their local café for a coffee? Understanding who they are and what they like will help you select the perfect personalised gift for them.

Apart from using these three key characteristics, the perfect gift can require some additional consideration. But don’t worry, it’s nothing strenuous or time-consuming.

5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Personalised Gift

Picking the perfect present doesn’t need to stress you out. By following these five tips, you’ll be able to choose a personalised gift for anyone!

  1. Consider the reason for the gift

Are you needing a birthday present, or a thank you gift? The reason for wanting to give the present plays a role in what that present should be. For instance, to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, a gift box containing a teething toy and a baby wrap would be ideal for the new parents. On the other hand, if you want to tank a work colleague for their efforts over the past few months, a corporate gift hamper containing a bottle of bubbles and scrummy treats would be more appropriate.

  1. Look for gifts which offer an experience

We’re not talking about a skydiving gift voucher, but rather a gift which gives the recipient an experience when they use it. For example, our Joyful Mornings gift box gives the recipient the gift of relaxation. They’ll enjoy drinking Tisane tea from their new mugs while nibbling on chocolate served on their new serving board. Then they can follow that with a candle-lit bath. What could be any better?!

  1. Read between the lines

People share information both unknowingly and deliberately every day. They could casually mention they enjoyed the new blend of coffee offered at the local café, or how they wished they could spend more time relaxing with their partner during the weekend. By paying attention to what they say, you can gather up ideas about the types of things they would like to receive.

  1. Remember that presentation counts

When you receive a gift, the way it is presented plays a huge role in how you feel about it. For instance, there would be a huge difference between being given a bottle of perfume in a brown paper bag to one which was wrapped up in gift paper and tied with a ribbon. While the end product is the same, the different ways you would feel about the gift would be considerably different.

  1. Quality before quantity

We live in a society where the message tends to be that more is better, but this is far from the truth. Sure, having more money is better than not having enough, but that’s not the case when it comes to physical items. If you think about it, you may have a lot of clothes sitting in your closet. Some may be out of fashion, others got holes in them after the first wash. There’s a few that you purchased just because they were on sale, but realised they were not suitable a few days later. Then there are those that you thought carefully about, are of high quality When giving a gift, it’s the same. You want the gifts to be of a high standard that they’ll be fit for purpose, rather than the recipient not being able to enjoy using them.

When deciding where to buy your gifts, choose a business which stocks a wide variety of products, who are happy to create bespoke gifts and whom you can trust. In other words, us! At Spoil Me, we pride ourselves on providing New Zealand’s best range of gift boxes. It’s our goal to create lasting memories by curating unique and meaningful gifts. You can trust us when we say that each of the individual items that go into our gift boxes has been carefully assessed as being of the highest quality. The care and attention that we’ve put into curating our individual gift boxes are immense, and our presentation and packaging skills are out of this world!

What then, makes Spoil Me the top personalised gift shop in the country? Well, we’ve:

  • Curated gift boxes for a range of celebrations and occasions
  • Included gifts which offer a memorable and enjoyable experience
  • Listened to what our customers have said as to what they would like included in our gift boxes
  • Spent a large amount of effort in ensuring our gift boxes are beautifully presented
  • Focused on providing the highest quality gift boxes for our customers

So when you need to select a personalised gift,you can trust that we’ve completed all of the hard work for you already. All you need to do is click Buy Now and we’ll take care of the rest!

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