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Understanding the Rules Around Corporate Gift Giving

by Shaun Barnett June 18, 2021

Understanding the Rules Around Corporate Gift Giving

Understanding the Rules Around Corporate Gift Giving

Corporate gift-giving is a popular tradition in NZ, both at Christmas time and throughout the year. We take a look at key considerations to be aware of when purchasing corporate gifts.

For many businesses, corporate gift-giving is a popular end of year tradition. A way of thanking your customers or clients for their support, it helps to build brand loyalty and encourage repeat business. Corporate gift-giving is not limited to Christmas time though. Many business owners send gift boxes to welcome and onboard a new client, celebrate closing a deal as a sympathy gift for a bereaved client.

At Spoil Me, we strive to make gift-giving simple for our customers, having a range of pre-designed corporate gifts available to select from. But we also offer a bespoke and fully customisable corporate gift service too, working with budgets, product types and even brand colours for our customers. To help you select the perfect corporate gifts, we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts to consider during your decision-making process.

Are There Any Corporate Gift Giving Rules? 

Is a business owner able to give a gift to any customer or client? Or should they have provided a certain level of financial business first? Is giving gifts to your employees ok, or do you need to run it past HR for approval? Well, it really depends on several factors, including:

  • Workplace policies – many businesses have policies regarding the giving and receiving of gifts. These include to clients or customers, from customers or clients to employees and from employee to employee. It pays to check if there are gift giving/receiving policies in place. Rest assured that once you make us aware of these policies, we will ensure our gift baskets and boxes are fully compliable.
  • Budget – decide on your overall gift budget, and then the number of clients or customers you want to send gifts to. Do they need to be high value clients, or have worked with you for multiple years? Does each client get the same value gift, or are their different gift price tiers?
  • Message – as a business, you want to ensure that your gifts send the right message to the recipient. A gift which is too expensive can imply you are wanting to ‘buy’ their custom, while a super cheap gift could show you don’t value what they bring to your business.
  • Gift card – a personalised gift card means so much, and we are more than happy to include gift cards you have written with each gift. Or print off a personalised message onto one of our gift cards with your gifts.
  • Presentation – a well presented corporate gift is one which is not only packaged well, but one which resonates with the recipient. Often this can mean including gifts which they’ll enjoy, but also can include using your brand’s colours in the packaging, labelling, ribbons or products within the gift box. This is certainly something our bespoke corporate gifts can provide.

Our Business Developer Shaun is ready and able to help you with all your corporate gift giving requirements. From gift selection to creating customised gift boxes, business branding and gift delivery, with assistance from Jess our Creative Director the attention to detail is top rate! Get in touch with today for personalised help, or head over to our corporate gift collection to select from our pre-designed gift boxes today.

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