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Vintage Bride Mug

Treat the bride with an heirloom teacup she will cherish forever.  Our vintage keepsake teacup makes a great bridal shower or wedding gift. Complete with a beautiful printed box for chic storage.  The elegant curved golden handle and gold rimmed edging ads beauty and polish.

  • 295ml mug
  • Porcelain and 24kt gold

Champagne Gummy Bears

Do you miss the Pick n’ Mix from your childhood? Paper bags, plastics scoops and maybe even a cheeky try before you buy? We have some good news! SugarCraves new Champagne Gummy Bears hit the spot with their bear exterior enticing you to take a bite. These gummy bears are made with Moet and Chandon Champagne and are the perfect treat Noon, Evening and Night.

Ocho Chocolate half bars

OCHO is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Being a craft chocolate maker means that we import the fermented and dried beans and make the chocolate from scratch. This includes roasting, grinding, conching and tempering the chocolate before moulding it into bars. We don’t blend any of our chocolate, so each batch is fully traceable back to the farmer co-operative where the beans were grown.

Tisane Tea

Tisane Studio collection are blended in Germany by German tea merchants especially for the New Zealand palate and water quality. They are air freighted to New Zealand so are the freshest teas and tisanes on the market.

Tea Ball infuser

Vintage Road have developed this unique mesh tea ball infuser. It becomes the perfect teabag every time – just add tea leaves and float in your cup to infuse. This is a must-own brewing bombshell. Perfect for brewing in pots or tea cup for one. Light weight and compact makes it ideal for traveling.

Lip Balm

A deeply nourishing, all natural Beeswax Lip Balme to soothe and condition dry and chapped lips.

Linden Leaves Bath Bombs

We can’t think of a better way to relax at the end of the day than a good soak. Especially if you can pep up your bath

Deluxe Gift Box 

This is our Deluxe Gift Box designed to offer the ultimate wow factor. All of our Deluxe Gift Boxes are embellished with on trend seasonal wrapping bands and beautifully matched hand tied bows


 Please note: If for any reason a product included in this gift box becomes unavailable or out of stock, we promise to replace it with another item/s of equal or greater value which matches the theme of the box you are purchasing. We use both tissue paper and / or wood fill to protect our products. Your Gift box may arrive in black or white. 



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