SALT by Hendrix


A detoxifying clay mask blend, designed to assist with deeply cleansing the skin whilst nourishing it, harnessing the power of superhero antioxidants and your favourite Australian botanics - alongside a gentle AHA to assist with brightening the complexion.

This babe contains antioxidant-rich Dragon Fruit extract, which is also high in Vitamin C and can aid in protecting the skin against free radicals, as well as help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Known to support skin health, Dragon Fruit is known as a natural moisturiser, aiding in soothing the skin and maintaining a radiant complexion.

With Malic acid as a gentle AHA exfoliant, this masque is also perfect for sensitive skin types as this will gently refresh the complexion, enabling increased skin hydration and smoother skin tone.

The goodness doesn't stop there! She also contains native Australian Kakadu Plum extract - known for its healing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties - and Desert Lime, which is antioxidant-rich and can help to rejuvenate the skin.




Mix 1 teaspoon with water onto a plate or bowl until mixture turns into a paste. Using the mask face brush evenly apply the mixture all over. Once dried gently buff skin as you remove it. Then with warm water wash the residue off and follow with your serums and moisturiser.




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